Meet Linda and I, we are the two women behind women’s retreats in the mountains. If you are like us, you love being in the mountains, skiing and enjoying life. We strive to move our bodies, guided by your intuition, all whilst being in the company of like minded, inspirational women. We have thoughtfully put together these Retreats, to combine the joyfulness of yoga, skiing and relaxation and most importantly community amongst women.

As we spent time working together, our friendship began to grow. We realised each others passion for what we enjoyed in life. That we were living examples of lv

Rachel Brownbridge

I’m so happy to be leading all of the yoga classes on the retreats. I have been practising yoga and skiing since I was a teenager and more and more over the years my understanding of the two have become come so much deeper and interconnected. Skiing took me out of my comfort zone and into a place of courage and lifting limiting beliefs I had on abilities. Yoga had a slower more intimate affect on the way I treated my body. I found strength and patience both physically and emotionally, I have continued to grow more kind, loving and intuitive. Its all to easy to get scared on an icy steep, or become self critical of your technique and skill. Taking care and time with nurturing your mind & body will bring  more joy and playfulness in your skiing experience.


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I have lovingly created a beautiful balance of yoga classes for the duration of the retreat, dynamic skiers flow, where strength and mobility play a strong role, the softer more restorative yoga will be a remedy for tired muscles and a finer tuning in to how you are feeling in your body. Yoga Nidra (or deep relaxation) this is where we take our relaxation to an even deeper level, a guided meditation leading you through the layers of the body, to balance and restore the nervous system. Life is constantly in flow, moving between states of high and low energy, it is so important to honour our changing moods by listening to our bodies, with deep love and gratitude.


Linda Due Boje

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I have had the priviledge to work with thousands of people on snow for the last 14 years. Since 2010 I have been running a highly regarded and successful Ski school, Geilo Ski Skole at Slaatta Skisenter.

Three years ago I was lucky enough to get pregnant and the thought that I might not be able to ski for a full winter season hit me. I was determined to do the best for my body and wanted to enjoy skiing until the last day of the season, to explore the changes in my body in accordance with skiing techniques. My last day of skiing that season was the 23rd of April and the 15th of Mai I gave birth to a boy.  I can’t be anything else then honest, giving birth is very painful but such a powerful force within a woman.

I love to inspire people on snow as well as off the snow, to pep talk them to go for their goals in life, small or big. Power your life from everyday passion!
The body is all I have, my body is the only me and the body is here to be. Take care of it, let it live for you and most of all, love it!
I can’t wait to hear the stories of others, to learn and reflect ….