Yoga Ski Spa


Because, finding movement, breath and peace in mind and body is a truly humbling and centering experience. It all begins with you, you are whole, you are love. Devotion to self, growing self love and compassion through appreciation for all that you are. Let your body be a vessel of power and agility that you bring into your whole being.

Become a support and cheerleader for you, navigating through all experiences in life with grace, passion and forgiveness. Get to know the whole you, let yourself become limitless and open to all potentials. Welcome yourself home.

We offer beautifully and purposely designed yoga classes to enhance your mind body connection, preparing the body for the dynamics of skiing and the importance of rest and rebalance.



Put your abilities to the test. Physically, mentally and emotionally. How you bring connection into your body with movement. Shifting your awareness between the ever changing nature around you, to the intelligence of your bodies reactions to it. Utilising bursts of adrenaline to bring clarity and precision to over come fear and push your body to your capacity. Laugh, Play and try new things to open up to your skilfulness and potential.Notice changing weather conditions, how the earth is forever in flow, can we adjust and move in peace with it?Spend the day exploring and finding inspiration on the slopes. Lead By Linda and I, between us we have over 20yrs of experience working and developing skiers. We believe skiing is a playful and exhilarating connection between yourself and nature. You get to test your abilities mentally and physically whilst surrounded by the beautiful snow caped mountains of Geilo. The idea is to have fun, try new things and share the experience with other amazing women.


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Appreciate and love your wholeness with self care. Deep relaxation and attention to your hearts desires of rest and wellness. Honour the constant work that your mind and body do on a daily basis. Show every part of you that you see how beautiful and vital it is no matter what. True rest is deeply healing and restorative, in so many ways. Let your muscles recover and form greater pathways of strength. Give the gift of calmness to your nervous system, to help repair and transmute trauma or pain. Mentally acknowledge the love you feel for you, let it consume you and bring you even deeper into that love. This Is the time to soften your muscles, relax and find the pleasures of self care for you and you’re body.